What is a Doula?

         A doula is a non-medical emotional, physical, and informational support person. They are a bridge, a tether, between your body and logical mind, between you and everything outside of your focus of your birth. Doulas represent a whole tribe of birth workers who believe in your birth rights, options, and who believe in you. 

What Do I Do as Your Doula?   

    My main goal as your doula is to support you in any decision you make or preferences you have, I want you to feel safe and comfortable so that you feel and know you are in control of your birth experience. I help you advocate for yourself, I support you mentally, physically and emotionally through breathing techniques, comfort measures/touch (similar to massage) including: counter pressure and double hip squeezes, switching positions with partners or myself on a birth ball/peanut ball and slow dancing.

I essentially provide you with anything you need to feel supported outside of the medical scope of your experience, I am not medically trained, nor do I help you make medical decisions, but I can provide resources and information so you can make informed decisions that you feel comfortable and happy with. I want you to look back and have a happy and satisfied birth memory.